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Hi Jon, thank you very much for your help and for your support! That's great! I have noticed there are still some words in Italian that need to be translated: - "Statistiche" (in Ladin "Statistiches") at the bottom of the main page; - "Publish changes" with "Publichëia mudaziuns" when publishing a new page - "Opzioni di silenziamento" on the left column under "Strumenc" needs to be translated with "Opziuns da fá da plan"; - all the words contained in "Plates spezieles" ("Special pages"). If I get the link I will translate them as soon as possible. Thank you again for your help! Starladin (talk)

Hi Starladin! As you may know, all translation of the interface is done on The problem can be finding the things you want to translate, because there is very very much to be translated. So I will show you a trick:
When you see an untranslated message, or even a translated message that you think should be changed, you can add ?uselang=qqx (or &uselang=qqx if there is already a question mark) to the URL of the page you're visiting (like for example this link for this page). Then you will see some words in (parantheses) in the same place where you saw the message you want to change. Let's say you want to change the text "Muda l wikitest". With ?uselang=qqx, you will see that that tab says (visualeditor-ca-editsource). That means that the text in between the parantheses is the message key. So you copy that (or type it down), and go to translatewiki:MediaWiki:Visualeditor-ca-editsource/lld, and that's where you can edit it.
So the same for "Special pages" is translatewiki:MediaWiki:Specialpages/lld, "Statistiche" is translatewiki:MediaWiki:Wikimedia-statslink/lld, "Publish changes" is translatewiki:MediaWiki:Publishchanges/lld, and so forth.
I hope this was understandable. :-) Jon Harald Søby (talk) 10:42, 18 ago 2020 (CEST)

Hi Jon Harald Søby, thank you very much for your support and for revealing me that very useful tricks! That's great. I will check them out the next days. Kindest regards :-) Starladin (talk)

Hi Jon Harald Søby, I have translated almost all the messages following your instructions. Thank you! I have seen that up to now they don't appear in Ladin yet. Please if you could tell me how to proceed in order to define the administrator of Ladin Wikipedia. Thank you very much. Kindest regards Starladin (talk)

Hi Starladin! Translations are automatically synchronized at certain times – it should take at most a few working days before they appear here. As for administrator, the community should hold a vote at the community discussion page (I guess that's Wikipedia:Café ladin), and after some users have supported and at least a week has passed, it can be requested at m:Steward requests/Permissions. (BTW, you can sign your posts by typing ~~~~, it will automatically insert user page links and date.) Jon Harald Søby (talk) 21:11, 1 sët 2020 (CEST)

Hi Jon Harald Søby, thank you very much for the information and for your support! I will forward the message to our community. All the best Starladin (talk) 16:17, 3 sët 2020 (CEST)